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Benefits of solar panels

Benefits of Solar Panels

  • Cheap Electricity and Heating

    Adding solar panels result in sizeable reductions in both electricity and heating costs. Quality solar panels can help reduce costs by up to 70%, resulting in significant savings on power and fuel bills. The extra money in your pocket only grows in the long term.

  • Independence

    Sunshine is free. Daylight does not fluctuate in cost. Big business cannot monopolise the Sun, so additional costs, inflation or levies can not be applied. Over the life of your installation your costs reduce in real terms.

  • Long Life Span

    The working life of a solar panel can vary but there are systems that have lasted – and are still operational – after 40 years.

  • Add Value to Home or Business

    Not alone do Solar PV and solar thermal installations reduce your energy bills, a professional fitted system also adds value to your home. Real estate agents will confirm that a home with a high BER (Building Energy Rating) has a higher selling value. Find out more on the SEAI website.

  • Natural Light

    Just because we live in Ireland and never seem to get much sunshine, don't think solar panels are pointless. They operate on daylight, and we have plenty!

  • Economy

    Billions of euro are being spent on converting the EU member states to a more environmentally friendly economy. Ireland is subject to penalties for not being as active in this field as we should be.

  • Efficiency

    An energy-efficient premises improves your Building Energy Rating (BER), which increases the value of the building. A perfect win-win, as long-term running costs are a significant factor when purchasing a home or business premises.

  • Green

    Ireland has one of the highest levels of CO2 emissions in Europe. Solar panels in your premises helps reduce CO2 emissions and allow you to do your part in the battle against climate change. Solar power is one of the most important solutions available to mitigate the global warming crisis.

"This is the beginning of a trend that will only accelerate. We’re talking about an infinite fuel source.”

ANDRÉS REBOLLEDO, Chilean energy minister

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