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Apex House London

Apex House Solar PV Design & Installation

"Installed 36.4kWp array consisting of 130 solar PV panels is ...
quarter of uk is powered by renewable energy

Quarter of UK is Powered by Renewable Energy

Quarter of UK is powered by Renewable Energy According to ...
China moving toward 100% renewable energy

China moving toward 100% Renewable Energy

5 million chinese test living on 100% renewable energy According ...
Mass and height of Callis Yard, compared to Waterfront development

Callis Yard Solar PV Design & Installation

"Proposed 23.34kWp solar PV system comprising of three rooftop areas ...
Bord Gais

Bord Gais Finglas, Dublin

Ground Mount Panel PV System Installation 15.8kWp PV and 162 ...

Irish Lights, Dublin

Commercial Solar Panel PV Solution This solar PV project was ...
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    Ground Mount Solar Systems

    Ground-mount Solar systems are ideal if you have ample property space within a back garden or farmland. It is an excellent alternative to a roof-mounted system, or can be used where a roof unsuitable for system mounting.

    Comet Renewable Energy has consulted extensively with companies in California, the UK, and Ireland on installations from residential and farm-based ground mounts to large-scale solar farms and solar parks.