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"It is an exciting time for renewable energy in Ireland. Advances in solar photovoltaic technology means that homes and businesses across the country can generate electricity and hot water from the Sun even on cloudy days.

We don’t know the future costs of pollution causing energy sources like oil, other fossil fuels and gas relative to what they are today. However, we do know for certain what the cost of energy from solar will be – free! Solar PV is a renewable energy that is revolutionising the energy industry and changing the World"

Phil McConn, Technical Director of Comet Renewable Energy

Comet Renewable Energy is an Galway-based company that specialises in consultancy, design and installation of Solar PV and Solar Thermal systems.

We are at the forefront of the Solar PV energy revolution, with years of experience in Ireland, the United States and throughout the EU.

For detailed information on the savings you can make using Solar, give us a call or ask for a quote. See for yourself just how much you can save, whether it is a house, a commercial installation, a farm or an off-grid project.

11kW Solar PV Installation: PMS Ltd, Athenry, Co.Galway

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