quarter of uk is powered by renewable energy

Quarter of UK is Powered by Renewable Energy

Quarter of UK is powered by Renewable Energy

According to a recent report published in climateactiongroup.org  the UK has increased it's dependency on Renewable Resources. Between January and March 2017, renewable energy counted for 26.6% of the UK's electricity needs.

Wind energy increased a whopping 20% from the 2016 figures for onshore wind however dropped slightly offshore.

Solar power increased 16% on 2016 figures reaching 1.7 TWh for the quarter.

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"Renewable energy is a mainstream technology, which is cheaper and more advanced than ever."

Emma Pinchbeck, Executive Director of RenewableUK,

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Scotland has been particularly busy in the Industry and because of the wind conditions in parts of Scotland, Renewable Energy could power 100% and more of the homes in Scotland alone if the wind is strong enough. That would mean in more wintery months this could be possible for far longer periods.

"Our innovative industries have matured to the point where we now reliably provide over 25 per cent of the UK with clean, sustainable power," she added

Fossil fuels such as coal has decreased to 11.3% from 15.8%.

Slowly but surely, we are turning the tide which is very positive but there is still a long way to go if we are to reach targets close to having any great impact environmentally.

This is positive so lets keep going because Renewable Energy is the future.

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