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What is the cost of Solar Panels and installing a Renewable Energy System?

The cost of solar panels will be spread out over the long term however the return on investment will be realised very early in the panels life span. The initial cost will depend on a lot of factors such as on the size, orientation, current heating system among others.

It is difficult to quantify but it would certainly be equivalent to installing any other heating system. We offer a low-cost survey to provide an accurate quotation to you.

The Cost of Energy is going up

Other heating systems are subject to variable influences such as oil costs and therefore along with inflation are rising.  Even when the prices of Oil dropped significantly, the consumer was not passed any savings as a result. Oil prices are back on the rise and therefore so will standard energy prices.

It is estimated that fuels costs will rise on average between 5-10% per annum going forward. Therefore the cost of solar panels spread over the long term is significantly less than the cost of standard energy options. You can have a look at fuel comparison costs from the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland).

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