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Apex House Solar PV Design & Installation

Apex House London

“Installed 36.4kWp array consisting of 130 solar PV panels is now producing renewable energy for the electric demand for the student accommodation in central London” Solar PV Design & Installation This installation was a challenge due to the adjacent high rise building to either side of the flat roof. A steel frame was designed and…

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Quarter of UK is Powered by Renewable Energy

quarter of uk is powered by renewable energy

Quarter of UK is powered by Renewable Energy According to a recent report published in  the UK has increased it’s dependency on Renewable Resources. Between January and March 2017, renewable energy counted for 26.6% of the UK’s electricity needs. Wind energy increased a whopping 20% from the 2016 figures for onshore wind however dropped…

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China moving toward 100% Renewable Energy

China moving toward 100% renewable energy

5 million chinese test living on 100% renewable energy According to Xinhua News Agency in China, approximately 5 million citizens in the northwest of the country survivied on 100% renewable energy for 1 week. This is a massive leap towards moving from fossil fuels to a more renewable resource. The region used approximately 1.1 Billion…

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Callis Yard Solar PV Design & Installation

Mass and height of Callis Yard, compared to Waterfront development

“Proposed 23.34kWp solar PV system comprising of three rooftop areas for student accommodation in central London and projected to provide significant reductions in electricity usage for the new, community development project” Callis Yard Solar PV Installation: In December 2013 a new scheme including a 20-storey tower was submitted by Metropolis Planning and Design on behalf of Inland…

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Bord Gais Finglas, Dublin

Bord Gais

Ground Mount Panel PV System Installation 15.8kWp PV and 162 tube 1500 litre solar thermal system We provide a wide variety of solar solutions. Some projects involve a hybrid solar system including solar photovoltaic providing electricity and solar thermal for large hot water systems. Free Quote We provide a free, no obligation site visit, proposal…

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Roscahill, Co. Galway

Ground Mount

Ground Mount Panel PV System Installation Roscahill, Co. Galway 9kWp Ground Mount System Free Quote We provide a free, no obligation site visit, proposal and financial details service. Get Quote

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Irish Lights, Dublin

Commercial Solar Panel PV Solution This solar PV project was carried out in conjunction with one of our partners. The goal for this project was to match the aesthetic of the buildings with solar PV panels on the market so that the entire system integrated seamlessly and actually added to the overall aesthetic of the…

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Oranmore Library

Oranmore Library

Commercial Solar Panel PV Solution Oranmore-based Comet Renewable Energy Ltd and Wyse Solar Solutions have installed a 4.4kWp solar photovoltaic (PV) system onto the roof of the Oranmore Library. This system consists of sixteen 275W solar PV modules(4.4kW in total) installed onto the south facing roof of the library so as to maximise the amount…

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Beech Grove House

About Comet Renewables

Solar Panel PV System Installation 2.0kW Solar PV system and power diverter (for hot water through solar PV panels) – Oranmore, Galway 8 x 250W solar PV panels on a south-west orientated roof providing a peak of 2.0kW connected to the mains of the house (as shown below). This installation also uses a ‘power diverter’…

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