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  • About Comet Renewable Energy

    Residential Solar PV

    Whether you are a contractor interested in providing new built homes with solar energy solutions or a home owner interested in saving on your energy bills, Comet Renewable Energy has a solution for you.

    Our team of professional, experienced engineers will talk you through the process of installing a solar energy system on your home. Our certified and experienced installation team will work to your schedule for any installation. A residential system can range from 1kWp to 10kWp depending on your existing electricity usage.

    We will provide a free site survey, consultation and design with no obligation. We are happy to answer any question you may have.

  • Solar Power to the home

    Our installations are typically solar PV (photovoltaic) systems. These are systems which are common throughout the UK and are now Ireland has the opportunity to harness the Sun’s energy to save on electricity bills.

    ‘Photovoltaic’ means converting light into electricity. The solar PV module or ‘panels’ absorb the light through cells that generate electricity. Installing a solar PV system on your home not only saves on your electricity bills but can provide free hot water.

    See the example below for how this simple non-obtrusive system can be easily installed in a matter of two days.

Solar Power

We use only the best products in the solar industry. Our residential systems use Fronius inverters with Wifi capability to monitor system performance on desktops, tablets or smartphone devices. The inverter changes the DC electricity (collected from the solar panels) to AC electricity so that it can be used in the home.

It is usually positioned as close as possible to the main switch board in the house and has DC and AC isolators should they need to be used.

Right: 2KWp Solar PV System, Oranmore, Galway

Solar Power