China moving toward 100% renewable energy

China moving toward 100% Renewable Energy

5 million chinese test living on 100% renewable energy

According to Xinhua News Agency in China, approximately 5 million citizens in the northwest of the country survivied on 100% renewable energy for 1 week. This is a massive leap towards moving from fossil fuels to a more renewable resource.

The region used approximately 1.1 Billion kilowatt which equates to roughly 535,000 tonnes of coal. Pollution has become a significant problem in large cities in China and if we have large movements of change on a national or even regional level then there is hope more and more countries including the United States can shy away from coal and go renewable, cue Donald Trump.

Smog Shanghai
Shanghai Smog, China

"Clean energy is the ultimate way. We need to reduce reliance on fossil fuel, improve our energy structure, and reduce carbon emissions," Han Ti, vice manager of Qinhai Electrical told the Xinhua news.

China plans to invest 2.5 trillion yuan by 2020 and having been one of the main culprits to global warming over the past few decades, is beginning to make changes.

Although it is the first trial of its kind in the country, it is a welcome start to creating a cleaner environment for its citizens.

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